The Yard Woman is a Greek born, London-based artist. She has made the electronic music sphere her own playground always extending to draw inspiration from unlikely genres like Pop, Country & World Music - resulting in surprising hybrid melodic tracks. 

Her releases have found a home on Simulate, Einmusika etc. receiving plays from the likes of Massano, Nora en Pure, Hot Since 82 , The Element, Catz' n Dogz etc. 

Whilst on the airwaves her music has been supported from BBC Radio 1 playing her original productions Jupiter, Nobody, Arcana, Lunatic, Steps and High Priestess. With notable performances at Boomtown, Shambala, Village Underground, HERE and venues from Italy to Cairo you'll see that performing is part of her DNA.



This fierce young woman perfectly embodies our ideals of female empowerment and skilled musical education and intricacies.” - Lavinia Calamai

— Lavinia Calamai (Dolce Vita)

I love the urgency and drama of this tune chugging along nicely with that bassline” - Jaguar

— BBC Radio 1


In the past, strong traditional Greek women, such as my great grandma, would sit & work in their house yards from the day through to the night. 

Driven by their intuition & curiosity they were so capable of all weird & wonderful things. You could find them repairing things, gardening & cooking. 

And at night when things were cooler and the moon was out, they'd set their intentions & ground their energy. They'd dream about what the next generation of women would be able to experience & accomplish in a world with more opportunities. 

As the modern Yard Woman the electronic music sphere is my own playground. I'm curious to extend  & draw  inspiration from unlikely genres like Pop, Rock & World Music - resulting in  surprising hybrid melodic tracks. In the modern age where disconnect  is king, I'm inviting you to ground yourself in the sound scape I've created. 

Moving countries, leaving family, friends & familiar places behind music has been the only constant in my life, I hope my music can be that for you too! 

Using Divine feminine energy I want to bring different flavours on the dance floor, the dance floor is a sacred space where we exchange energy  focused on softness, lightness, vulnerability, feeling, receptivity, and interconnectedness. 

In the modern concrete world it's become harder to observe beauty naturally. I still believe it exists, we just have to adjust our angle slightly. I will share with you pieces of Digital Beauty created artificially by combining music with visuals, photos or poems. 

I want to move forward in a way that looks at The Future without forgetting the value of The Past.


  • HERE (London),  Village Underground, Apophis (Milan), Crcl (Egypt), Bar 59 (Luzern), Lakota,  Noisily, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Festival,   Tokyo World Festival,  Motion,   Halo Bournemouth